GG&G SCAR Non-Reciprocating Charging Mechanism

SCAR Non-Reciprocating 
Charging Mechanism

The SCAR Non-Reciprocating Charging Mechanism:

The configuration of the SCAR reciprocating charging handle can sometimes be a major problem--it bangs back and forth like a reciprocating saw.  If you had your thumb or knuckles smacked by it, you know what we mean. 

GG&G has designed a unique solution for this problem. The SCAR Non-Reciprocating Charging Mechanism. It  provides a charging mechanism to easily charge your SCAR and not have the charging handle reciprocate during the firing cycle. This unique SCAR Charging Mechanism locates on the non-ejection port side of the SCAR and installs in less than 15 minutes. No special tools required and does not permanently alter your SCAR.

SCAR Non-Reciprocating Charging Mechanism Specifications:

  • Easy installation. Installs in less than 15 minutes.
  • No special tools required.
  • Installation instructions included.
  • Fits the SCAR MK16, MK17, MK16S and MK17S
  • No more busted or scraped knuckles from getting hit by the factory reciprocating charging handle.
  • No permanent modifications to the weapon. Your SCAR can be returned to original configuration in 15 minutes.
  • Mounts directly to the rifles upper receiver.
  • Low profile attachment design will not interfere with optics.
  • Provides ergonomically shaped charging handle.
  • The charging handle of the SCAR Non-Reciprocating Charging Mechanism is easy to grasp--even with a gloved hand.
  • No-snag design
  • Clears every optic mounting system that we know of.
  • Hardened parts are made from 4340 steel.
  • Manganese Phosphasted in a non-reflective combat finish per Mil-Spec
  • Weighs in at only 6.5 ounces.
  • All edges have been deburred and softened to protect the shooter.
  • Lifetime Warranty

GG&G SCAR Non-Reciprocating Charging Mechanism
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