S.O.E. E.D.C. Every Day Carry Belt BLACK With-Velcro Lining

Special Operations Equipment E.D.C. Every Day Carry Belt Coyote WITH Velcro Lining to take up play in some holsters and Magazine Carriers

In continuing our line of popular SOE belts, we present the SOE EDC Belt. A 1.5-inch belt featuring a 1" Cobra Buckle. The 1.5-inch width fits through standard pant loops of all manufacturers.

Available in a range of color options to suit your needs, this belt
will last you longer than the pants you wear it with.

We recommend a belt the same size as your pants. If you wear 32" pants then order a 32" belt. These belts will adjust outward several inches but dont get much smaller than the size you order. So if you are planning to lose weight soon order a belt a size smaller and it will still adjust outward a couple inches to currently fit you but you will be able to make it smaller later on.

Color is Black Inner and Black Outer

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