TAREINCO VTP Sling (Variable Transition 2-1 Point)

Comes complete with two Troy Industries stainless steel QD push button swivels)

The VTP Sling (Variable Transition Point) is our most uniquely featured weapon sling as it is essentially a ''2-1 point'' sling. The ability for an operator to transition from a single point configuration to a two-point and vice versa, gives the operator a piece of kit that is able to adapt to his/her mission specific needs. Our approach on the concept of the 2-1 point sling has been well received by shooting professionals and recreational shooters.

The ability to switch from single point to two point is solely dependent on our incorporation of the Triglide system from Impact Weapon Components. The piece that IWC manufactures for TAREINCO's VTP Sling is their QD Triglide which allows the secondary attachment end of the VTP to attach to the webbing to create a single point configuration. This attachment is permitted via several sling attaching devices; these devices are QD push button swivels (our best choice, we use only Troy Indusrties-stainless steel), HK snap hooks, or M.A.S.H. hooks. These devices are offered as our Variable Adapters that can interface with all of our TAREINCO slings.

When switching from single point to two point mode the operator may need to quickly adjust the retention of the sling to provide adequate slack in the sling to provide proper shouldering of his/her long weapon. We developed a unique Adjusting Pull Tab (APT) that allows the operation of tightening or loosening the slack in the sling via an adjusting loop. The loop is able to be set to various sizes so that the operator can configure the APT to his/her needs. With a larger loop one could operate the APT with a firm, full grip which allows gross motor skills to kick in. The smaller loop set up would allow the APT to be operated with a drop of the thumb into the loop which becomes a very effective motion for slack retention.

You can add different end attachments in the options section but the sling comes with two QD Swivels attached on QD Adapters.

As the VTP works as a single point sling, the primary attachment point to the weapon can be configured in various ways through the use of our Variable Adapters. This feature is one of the several features that set our VTP Sling apart from the rest of 2-1 point slings currently on the market today; this allows the sling to adapt to the various sling mounts of today and future.

All of these features in our VTP Sling create a truly unique and innovative 2-1 point sling that we feel will best afford the operator a sling that can work with virtually every weapon system (if so equipped with proper sling mounts and railed sling mounts).

 Our slings are made with Honor in the USA!

The Webbing is 1" Wide

TAREINCO VTP Sling (Variable Transition 2-1 Point)
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