12 Inch Rhino Rail Mossberg 500 835 590 930

About the Rhino Tactical Rail:

We took feedback from several law enforcement agencies, the military and end users to design the newest Rhino Rail. Based off of the proven Devastator platform, the latest 2'nd generation Rhino Rail 12" is completely militarized and functional... now ported to the Mossberg family of shotguns!

  • Fits 14" LE barrels and up (14, 18, 20, 22 etc)
  • Receivers needs drilled at tapped (threaded screw holes in receiver - most Mossbergs are)
  • The newest NATO Accessory Rail (NAR) STANAG 4694 specifications. (100% backward compatible with MILSPEC/Picatinny 1913 standards.) 
  • Billet Aircraft Aluminum Construction 
  • Complete rail assembly (rail and mounting hardware) weighs 7-1/2 oz. (existing SPX rail is 1-1/8 oz.: net 6-3/8 oz.)
  • Precision engineered and CNC machined
  • Heat shielding of the barrel
  • 15" of top rail to allow the addition of accessories
  • Mil-Spec Type III Black Hardcoat finish 
  • Fits any Mossberg 930 or 835 family shotgun - Note, this will work on a 500/590, only if it has a screw on magazine cap. If there is a screw through the magazine extension, it will not work. 
  • Simple 5 minute install with common tools - NO gunsmithing required 


  1. The height of the rail from the top of the receiver was minimized so installed would have the propper sight picture. 
  2. We eliminated all front mounting clamps that captured either the barrel or magazine tube. This allows the rail to be afixed to the receiver and all maintenance performed with the rail left on. There are NO additional steps to remove either the barrel or mag tube from the gun. You only need to remove the barrel nut (or extention tube.)
  3. The weight of the rail, including all mounting hardware, was reduced to less than 8 oz. equally ballanced toward the receiver of the firearm. 
  4. The top rail was scalloped to form 1/2 or a ghost right when sighting down the rail.
  5. The rail was designed to integrate with the Bobcat bottom rail system seemlessly

We are only selling the full set at this time (12 inch Rhino Rail with Bobcat Forend) See Best Values, below**

12 Inch Rhino Rail Mossberg 500 835 590 930
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