Armalite Lower Parts Kit for AR 15 and M15

Armalite Lower Receiver Parts Kit - For Armalite M15 and all AR 15's

Includes Armalite plastic case. Parts included:

- Pistol Grip
- Trigger
- Hammer
- Disconnector
- Selector
- Bolt Catch Spring
- Detent Spring
- Bolt Catch Buffer
- Take Down Detent
- Bolt Catch
- Magazine Catch Spring
- Bolt Catch Roll Pin
- Magazine Catch Button
- Magazine Catch
- Front Pivot Pin
- Hammer Spring
- Trigger Spring
- Pistol Grip Screw
- Pistol Grip Lock Washer
- Selector Spring
- Detent Selector
- Hammer Pin
- Trigger Pin
- Take Down Pin
- Buffer Retainer Pin
- Buffer Retainer Spring
- Disconnector Spring

We highly recommend that a Gunsmith or qualified person install your lower parts kit. Harris Tactical is not responsible for any damaged parts or rifles due to the installation of this kit. It is a Factory Armalite LPK.

Armalite Lower Parts Kit for AR 15 and M15
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