CDM Gear MOD-C Shotgun Light Mount

The Patent Pending Multi-Optional Design Clamp is finally available again in a new design and fit for 1" flashlights. This superior, light weight clamp is small and compact enough to reduce your shotgun profile so it reduces hang ups and snags. The light mount has been moved out a bit for even better light control. Steel threaded inserts means no stripped threads when tightening the clamp down. There is only one screw to tighten and you never have to remove a rail or sling swivel dock to remove the clamp. All tools are now included. Weighs 1.7oz.

Fits 12 Ga. Shotguns with extended magazine tubes: 

Remington 870, 1100, 11-87

Benelli M1, M2, M4, M1014

Winchester 1200, 1300

Mossberg 500 and 930


(Does not fit the A-1, See MTC or MT-R Clamp


(Does not fit the  930 "SPX" models, see MTC or MT-R Clamp)

Will NOT fit the 590A1 or 5-shot 500 Mossberg (All Models) See MTC Clamp 

The Multi-Optional Design Clamp MOD C is finally available again in a new design and fit for 1" flashlights. Will fit the Surefire G2 as is and Streamlight PolyTac with included thin spacer

 Available for order with Black Streamlight PolyTac C4 LED Flashlight.

CDM Gear MOD-C Shotgun Light Mount
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