CDM Gear MTR Clamp for Mossberg 500 590A1 535 Shotguns

The  MTR with included 3 slot rail is the latest offering in the MT series of clamps for lights with built in attachment points. This 1.7oz clamp fits in a 1/2" of space so it is perfect for the Mossberg 590A1 and just about any other shotgun with a 25mm magazine tube and room to mount it. This mount can be positioned 2 ways, left, or right, and provides a solid "lock up" around the mag tube. Each position allows for a sling to be used with the included sling mount/hand stop at the bottom. Additionally there is provision for a QD push button sling swivel built right in. Manufacturered from aircraft grade aluminum and hard coat anodized it is a superior mounting solution for those with limited space or under the gun sling mounting requirements. One tool for one bolt is all that is needed to attach and remove the clamp or light in seconds. Fits Mossberg 590A1 Heavy Millspec Barrel and Ithaca Shotgun Magazine Tubes. Not meant for magazine extensions without a clamp.
Now available for the Mossberg 500, 535 with 5 shot magazine tubes. Not for use with heat shield.

Ideal for the Mossberg 500, 590A1 and 535 that do not have the extension tube. 

CDM Gear MTR Clamp for Mossberg 500 590A1 535 Shotguns
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