FIREClean CLP 2 oz. Bottle

The use of FIREClean CLP on your firearms will change the way you think about maintaining them.  Users report going 3 to 5 times longer between cleanings, and cleaning time is reduced 50% or more.  After cleaning, the oil STICKS to the metal and doesn't run or blow off of the gun. Additionally, it has extremely high heat and gumming resistance.  The oil sticks- the carbon and other fouling doesn't.  Developed by shooters for shooters.  

The FIREClean process is a revolutionary way to keep your gun running cleaner, longer, and smoother.  

  • Conditions metal to prevent buildup of carbon and other fouling
  • Most fouling simply wipes off
  • Cleans deeply and safely into gun metals
  • Reduces friction with persistent and remarkable lubricity
  • Dramatically reduces cleaning time and effort
  • Enhances reliability and decreases parts breakage
  • Odorless and non-toxic

***There are ~1500 drops of oil in a 2 oz bottle, and it takes 2 drops to lubricate
a properly conditioned AR bolt carrier. ***

Works amazing in all firearms where carbon is present, especially AR platforms, Machine Guns and Suppressed Weapons. 


"Performance in a bottle." - "Super" Dave Harrington, Combat Speed LLC, tactical trainer

"Phenomenal product."  - MSG (Ret) Paul Howe, Combat Shooting & Tactics, tactical trainer and author

I have been using FireClean on my reapplication of lubricant lately and it has been performing as advertised.  I specifically like it on concealment of duty type arms where you don’t want excess lubricant dripping off the gun.  It actually conditions the metal… is very much worth a look.” -Mike Pannone, CTT Solutions, tactical trainer and author

"I have used FIREClean during practice for several month now. But I really put it through the paces during the Ohio State Championships and the Camp Perry Pistol National Matches. This amazing oil is the best lubrication that I have ever used. No more constant or excessive lubrication drills to insure that your precision weapon performs flawlessly or hard to remove carbon during clean-up. From this point on my Rifles, Shotguns, and Precision Pistols with receive nothing else but FIRECLEAN. Thanks Guys for the discovery and hardwork." - William Bethards, Top Shot Season 4

"FIREClean is a $200 action job in a bottle" - Aaron R., competitive shooter and Navy SEAL

"I am a range master at a major skeet shooting range. Part of my job is maintaining and cleaning our 50 rental Beretta 391 semi auto shotguns each week. During our busy season these guns get pretty crusty between cleanings. I am always looking for a better and faster way of cleaning these shotguns.   Now that I have started using FIREClean my gun cleaning time has been cut in half. The stuff works great! I apply a small amount on the dirty parts and then wipe them clean. Burnt on carbon and grease do not stand a chance against FIREClean. Your product is also a wonderful lubricant as it cleans and lubricates at the same time. Thanks for making my job easier" - Bernie F., Phoenix, AZ

"Just back from the Blue Ridge Mountain 3 Gun and my first test of FIREClean.  FIREClean was the only lube on my AR, Glock 34, and Benelli M1. I cleaned and lubed them the weekend before I left......I fired approximately 300 pistol, 150 rifle, and 150 shotgun rounds with zero weapons malfunctions.  Best of all FIREClean stayed where I needed it, not running down the side of rifle's action or dripping off the pistol's guys have a winner in this product!" - Bryan Ray, #26 in 3 Gun Nation

'Metal to metal surfaces will glide and resist friction. It's a truly penetrating and lubricating CLP that resists forces other gun oils cannot. You won't use any other after using FIREClean" - Bobby Harris 

FIREClean CLP 2 oz. Bottle
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