GG&G 30mm Sniper Grade Scope Tactical Rings

The GGG re-designed 30mm Sniper Grade Scope Rings are not only more ergonomic, but they are lighter as well. Each ring only weighs 4 ounces. Not bad for a ring manufactured from solid billet 4140 steel. Prior to being manganese phosphate treated with a matte black combat finish, all components of the ring are carefully de-burred so as to eliminate any sharp edges. The square recoil cross lug will ensure a positive engagement with the mounting rail. Four steel cap screws attach the top portion of the ring to the ring base. These scope rings are tall enough to accommodate a scope with a 56mm objective lens and Butler Creek lens covers on a Remington 700 BDL rifle.

GGG makes tactical 30mm rifle scope rings in the USA at the Tucson, Arizona factory. Aside from SWAT team and military customers, hunters prefer these rings because they are able to count on them for more accuracy at greater distances. Steel scope rings for the Remington 700 are the perfect optical mounting platform for all kinds of scopes, and maintain accuracy even when you're going through brush and trees to reach your target.

GG&G 30mm Sniper Grade Scope Tactical Rings
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