GG&G Aimpoint Cantilever Ring STD

If you attach an Aimpoint Comp M series red dot sight directly to an M16/AR15 flat-top upper receiver's integral rail using a conventional ring mount, it will be far too low to acquire the red dot without front sight interference, no matter what type of cheek weld you adopt. Our Aimpoint Cantilever Mount Ring permits mounting the Aimpoint Comp M series scopes directly to the receiver's integral rail with the red dot positioned above the front sight post. Yet it's still low enough so that our MAD or A2-Style Flip Up Rear Sights can be deployed to co-witness directly through the Aimpoint's optics should its battery fail.

The GGG Cantilever Ring is also designed to place the Aimpoint Comp M series scopes far enough forward so that a night vision monocular can be mounted to the rear in co-alignment and in conjunction with the Aimpoint's night vision compatibility.

GG&G Aimpoint Cantilever Ring STD
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