GGG Benelli Tactical Bolt Release Pad

GG&G Benelli Tactical Bolt Release Pad

During the high stress encountered in most tactical environments, it's extremely difficult to locate by feel the small bolt release button found on the Benelli M1 Super 90, M2, M3 and M3 Super 90, and the 1014/M4. To improve tactile recognition, we developed an oversize tactical Benelli bolt release pad for these popular shotguns. Our large, knurled Benelli bolt release pad is made from 4140 ordnance steel, with a black manganese phosphate finish, and is coupled with a new modified Benelli bolt release mechanism. The Benelli tactical bolt release pad is both easy to locate by touch and manipulate, with or without gloves. Installation requires only basic tools and mechanical skills. The Benelli bolt release is an accessory that could very well save your life in a firefight.


ETA Late August 2020 

GGG Benelli Tactical Bolt Release Pad
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