GG&G MAD Back Up Iron Sight With Ranging Aperture

The adjustable back up iron sight has all of the same great features as the standard MAD BUIS (back up iron sight) such as its low profile, solid 4140 steel and 6061-T6 aluminum construction, solid locking detent with button release, and mil-spec finish.

Unlike other adjustable sights, it has one important exception: it is also a ranging sight. The unique rotating multiple aperture disc has 5 apertures preset to specified distances. In particular, 0=25 and 200yds 3=300yds 4=400yds 5=500yds 6=600yds.

A small window facing the shooter, as can be seen in the above photograph, provides a numerical cue as to the range. All apertures are the same diameter--.070 inch diameter. The apertures have been preset using the ballistic calculations for 55 grain through 62 grain ammunition used in the AR15/M16 16 inch carbine length weapon.

GG&G MAD Back Up Iron Sight With Ranging Aperture
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