LE GEARSKID WITH SC-1 LOCK Large Diameter Handguards



LE GEARSKID with Santa Cruz electric SC-1 lock. This unit will allow you to secure your weapon by locking the forearm. The clamp style works best on larger diameter handrails and AK pattern firearms ,this model has an adjustable floor to custom fit to your handrail or forearm, all units have a keyed access for power failures. The bottom of the GEARSKID is held securely by a cable lock which attaches to seat frame or other hardened point. Each lock is wired with a 12v power plug and timer device, the timer keeps the lock safe from failure incase the power switch is accidentally left on, timers can be adjusted for delays from 6 to 20 secords, we recomend 6 for long unit life.

LE GEARSKID WITH SC-1 LOCK Large Diameter Handguards
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