Mesa Tactical High Tube Telescoping Adapter and Rail Kit

Comes complete as a buttstock kit and rail. Designed for the Remington 870, Mossberg 500 and 590 (Adapter or Receiver Rail) and the Winchester 1200/1300 (discontinued for Winchester).

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* Adapter-mount rails are designed to be attached to telescoping stock adapter accessory mount points, requiring no alterations to the shotgun. *Receiver-mount rails are made to be mounted onto the receivers of Mossberg shotguns pre-drilled and tapped for sights. These rails can also be used with weapons that are custom drilled and tapped.

The High-tube Stock Kit is designed to mimic the dimensional relationship between the telescoping stock, pistol grip, and top rail of a flattop AR-15. The receiver extension tube is almost concentric with the bore of the shotgun, resulting in a high cheek weld, which is higher than is typically found with standard tactical shotguns. This makes it possible to use rail-mounted optics, such as a red dot sight, to achieve correct sighting geometry.

Only available with Rail from Mesa now. 

Mesa Tactical High Tube Telescoping Adapter and Rail Kit
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