Mossberg 930 935 Shotgun Bobcat Picatinny Rail Forend and Rhino

Mossberg 930 and 935 Shotgun Bobcat Picatinny and 12-Inch Rhino Rail

Four-Sided Modular Rail

Rail Forend. Replaces your plastic pump forend, allowing a mounting platform for a variety of accessories. It can be used alone or combined with the 12-inch Rhino Rail.

The Bobcat 930 forend rail replaces your stock plastic forend providing a mounting platform for a variety of accessories. It provides nearly 40 inches of MIL-SPEC rail at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions, detachable pic rail on the bottom of the rail to allow for personal customization. Left and Right Side Rails are Machined and one optional bottom rail makes it a Four-Sided System*
This rail can be used alone, or combined with the Rhino Rail for the ultimate embodiment of form and function in a quad rail configuration.

* Fits Mossberg model 930 / 935
* The newest NATO Accessory Rail (NAR) STANAG 4694 specifications. (100% backward compatible with MILSPEC/Picatinny 1913 standards.)
* Complete weight of part is 12 oz. but the plastic pump handle you are replacing is 5 oz. incredibly making the Bobcat 1100 a net addition of only 7 oz.
* Precision engineered and CNC Machined for balanced control
* Four mounting points for a rock-solid, no compression grip
* 40" of rail on 4 surfaces allow the addition of any and all accessories the end user desires
* "Battle Ramps" guide your hand to the charging handle and feeding ports in real world high stress fighting situations
* Forward vertical grip or 45 deg. grip works perfect
* True Mil-Spec Type III Black Hardcoat finish
* Intimidating profile transforms the already fearsome shotgun into a never before encountered juggernaut
* New updated design does not require rail covers on sections not being used for accessories
* Simple 5 minute install with common tools - NO gunsmithing required
* The strongest, highest quality parts on the market!
* 100% Made in the USA!

2.25 lbs. ETA Mid-Oct 2022


Mossberg 930 935 Shotgun Bobcat Picatinny Rail Forend and Rhino
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