Mossberg 930 Tactical Charging Handle

The 930 SPX was awarded the NRA/Shooting Illustrated "2009 Shotgun of the Year" award. It is an exceptional weapon, with a few distinct flaws.

  1. The plastic safety
  2. The bolt charging handle

We wanted to design a bolt charging handle that was robust and functional for the tactical world, without having a "doorknob" sticking off the side of the gun. This handle needed to provide fast, positive charging or clearing in the most demanding situations. Enter the ETA Tactical Charging Handle.


Developed to allow rapid operation of the charging handle from above or beneath the receiver

  • Can be utilized right or left handed
  • Designed for when you may encounter moisture, mud, snow or ice
  • Tactical situations where you may require gloved hands

The knurled portion of the charging handle (part you would manipulate) dimentions: 1/2" diameter x 1" length. Knurled over the length of the surface for additional grip. Precision machined from ordnance steel and black oxide mil spec finished to provide the correct weight and balance for reliable, trouble-free operation.

Drop in fit, no gunsmithing required.

Compatible with the 18" Full and Quad Rail System

Mossberg 930 Tactical Charging Handle
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