Rackbone Vehicle Mount System

Introducing the Rackbone™ vehicle mount system. We've coupled our commitment to manufacturing durable product with a design emphasis on versatility, and the result is a revolutionary new way to organize and transport your gear and weapons.

The Rackbone takes advantage of the “dead space” behind the front seats of your vehicle; hanging vertically from the posts of the headrest and held snug by an adjustable quick-release strap underneath. Twelve attachment bays along the length of the “spine”, and a variety of optional attachments make it easy to configure all your gear in one easy-to-find, easy-to-move location.

All parts are milled of 6061 aluminum, and hard-coat anodized black. Ships with hangers to accommodate three of the most common headrest widths...make sure to check our width specification guide and confirm vehicle compatibility before ordering!

Rackbone Installation Guide (PDF)

** Rackbone LE (Locking System) Option when ordering **

After receiving several requests from Law Enforcement personnel who wanted the “no drilling” ease of installation and removal the Rackbone affords but required that their weapon be locked in a mount, we put this package together. The mounting bridge has been adapted to accommodate the included Santa Cruz SC-6 gun lock, and we ship with a detatchable 12v car-lighter release switch, a handcuff key and a Master Lock Python cable lock to secure your under-seat strapping.


Rackbone Vehicle Mount System
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