Remington 1100 & 11-87 Shotgun Bobcat Picatinny Rail Forend

GEN 3 Remington 1100 & 11-87 Shotgun Bobcat Picatinny Rail Forend. Replaces your plastic pump forend, allowing a mounting platform for a variety of accessories. It can be used alone or combined with the Rhino Rail.

Three-Sided Modular Rail 

About the Bobcat 1100 forward grip: MIL-SPEC rail at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions with 1 optional rail, detachable pic rail on the bottom of the rail to allow for personal customization. Left and Right Side Rails are Machined and One optional bottom rail makes it a Three-Sided System*

  • Fits Remington model 1100 & 11-87
  • Optional and Replaceable Bottom Picatinny Rail (1) 
  • T6-6061 Aircraft Aluminum
  • The newest NATO Accessory Rail (NAR) STANAG 4694 specifications. (100% backward compatible with MILSPEC/Picatinny 1913 standards.)
  • Complete weight of part is 12 oz. but the plastic pump handle you are replacing is 5 oz. incredibly making the Bobcat 1100 a net addition of only 7 oz.
  • Precision engineered and CNC Machined for balanced control
  • Three mounting points for a rock-solid, no compression, no rotation grip
  • 30" of rail on 3 surfaces allow the addition of any and all accessories the end user desires
  • "Battle Ramps" guide your hand to the charging handle and feeding ports in real world high stress fighting situations
  • ALL Bobcat 1100 rails can upgrade in the future to the RRS (recoil reallocation system)
  • Forward vertical grip or 45 deg. grip works perfect
  • True Mil-Spec Type III Black Hardcoat finish
  • Intimidating profile transforms the already fearsome shotgun into a never before encountered juggernaut
  • We recommend the use of rail covers on sections not being used for accessories
  • Simple 3 minute install with common tools - NO gunsmithing required 
  • The strongest, highest quality parts on the market!

The ergonomic changes made to the Gen II Bobcat rail (forward grip) allow it to be 1/4" closer to the bottom of the receiver. It is much easier to grip and control with its width reduced by 5/16". Even with less material, we stiffened the entire assembly with a newly designed "Cat clamp" which mounts the Bobcat to the gun. The length was increased slightly to improve rigidity and prevent torque from twisting near the receiver. This also enhancea the look of the shotgun as well as making the lower "battle ramp" interface with the loading port more efficently.

The top of the Bobcat now contours to the barrel and through machine cuts have been replaced with grooves to prevent debris and contaminants from entering the mechanical workings of the action. ALL of the Bobcat is aluminum. There is no plastic involved anywhere in this rail.

Only sold as a set now. Please see the related items - Remington 1100 Shotgun Bobcat Picatinny Rail Forend and Rhino



Remington 1100 & 11-87 Shotgun Bobcat Picatinny Rail Forend
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