Remington 870 Generation II S2AR

This is the Adapter Only, minus the Grip, Telescoping Tube and the Buttstock. This adapter is for the Remington 870 Shotgun

Comes with: Stock Adapter Bolt/Grip Bolt and fits AR Receiver end plates and buffer tubes

About the S2AR Adapter:

We shaved some weight on the Generation 2 S2AR adapter to come in under 6 oz.! Its other features include a QD (quick detatch sling cup) on either side for carry and rapid deployment of your firearm. A rear modification so as to be compatible with the MAGPUL ASAP AR-15 end cap, as well as all other known end caps.

Telescoping stocks that can vary the length of pull are ideal for body armor, cold weather clothing, female officers etc. The use of the AR-15 grip without a buttstock can be utilized in breaching, C.Q.B., in vehicles and when maximum maneuverability is essential.

While our competitors claim, "CNC machined aircraft aluminum", in reality they cast their adapters like some sort of a toy, machining only the holes. note that the term "aircraft aluminium / aerospace aluminium" usually refers to a 6xxx or 7xxx series billet alloy, not cast parts. I am fairly certain they do not cast aluminum parts for airframes.

We intricately machine the entire S2AR adapter from a solid billet of aluminum. Best of breed, simple, one piece... indestructible.

Will not fit the 887 model shotgun.

Will only fits Remington 1100/11-87 shotguns with ETA's RRS recoil system.

  • Constructed from T-6 billet aluminum
  • 85% stronger than other "cast" aluminum stock adapters on the market
  • Compact design is tighter to the receiver
  • Fits Remington 870 shotguns 12&20 ga.
  • Fits Remington 1100/11-87 shotguns with ETA's RRS recoil system
  • Less than 6 oz.! - Strength to weight ratio is unmatched
  • Matches the AR-15 spec exactly
  • Compatible with AR-15 end plates, Gen II now Magpul ASAP compatible!
  • FULL AR-15 thread depth for buffer tube
  • Can use ACE full AR-15 adapters for hinges OR shorter adapters
  • Precision engineered and CNC Machined for balanced control
  • True Mil-Spec Type III Black Hardcoat finish; Department of Defense MIL-SPEC MIL-A-8625F
  • Installs easily in minutes - NO gunsmithing required on 870
  • Includes both the bolt to receiver and bolt to hand grip.
  • The strongest, highest quality parts on the market!
  • Add Telescoping Kit for $115 (Hogue AR Pistol Grip, Buffer Tube, Castle Nut, Receiver End Plate, Collapsible M4 Stock) 
Remington 870 Generation II S2AR
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