Tango Down ARC AR 15 30-Round Magazine in BLACK

ARC/L-001C MK2 30-Round Magazine

The ultimate polymer magazine is here! A true 30-round capacity magazine for the 5.56x 45mm cartridge fits all M16/M4/AR-series/FN SCAR-Light/M-249 weapon systems*. Advanced design and construction allows for the strongest, most reliable combat magazine ever produced.

Proprietary state-of-the-art polymers are combined to allow smooth, dependable feeding in a corrosion-proof unitized body. Oversized feed lips take constant abuse that would easily damage aluminum or steel magazines. Unique low-friction anti-tilt follower combined with a premium spring maintains reliable round delivery. Sealed modular design allows ideal straight-to-radius feed cavity, unavailable on any other polymer magazine.

Additional benefit of modular design means no floor plate to fail upon impact. Magazine body becomes a five-sided box, setting a new standard for strength. Impact that crushes USGI magazines has no effect on the ARC. Magazine cleaning is a snap, requiring no disassembly thanks to the slotted follower.

We designed in several features that make ARC user-friendly in harsh conditions. Large serrations on the front and back straps eliminate slippage when doing push-pull magazine insertions. Deep ribbing on both sides enable a fast, sure grip when retrieving from mag pouches.

- The ARC magazine is available in several color options, including translucent for visual round count.

- The ARC magazine is manufactured using the latest in polymer Quality Control procedures, guaranteeing properly dimensioned components.

- ARC will drop free from weapon systems, regardless of origin, and will also seat easily in a bolt-forward weapon with a full 30 rounds.

ARC is U.S. and foreign Patent Pending.

Color: Black

* Void Sales where Prohibited by Law* NY, NJ, CA, CO, MA, HI, MD
Restricted in IL


Tango Down ARC AR 15 30-Round Magazine in BLACK
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